Monday, September 15, 2014

More art for the littles!

So since the move my poor Little J hasn't really had a comfy room to call his own. I mean, he has a bed.. And a dresser.. But that's about it. I wasn't sure how I wanted to fix it up and what 'theme' I wanted.. So I just left it alone until I got inspired. Today while I was wandering around World Market.. I saw some amazing gift bags and tissue paper and got inspired finally ! 

It is a little 'mature' looking but I think is also totally fun and I love it! I hope he will too (he's napping so hasn't seen it!) 

I had some old frames from Brady's old room so used those. 

I wrapped the tissue paper around the back of the frames and taped them in place. I then just taped the cut gift bags in the center.. 

Sooooo easy!! I need to buy some paint and I'll be painting the frames either red or yellow to brighten it up! I'll post updated pics when that gets accomplished! :)

I made some for our girly room too! For these I just had the open frames.. First I painted them using regular latex paint that I had for another project. Then I cut the bags to fit perfectly in the frame.. Used a stapler to secure them in place.. And done! 

I don't think it gets easier than that!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

DIY butterfly art!

As most of you have probably figured out by now.. We are going to be fostering young girls ages 3-8. We hope to actually adopt from the foster system but will see what God has planned for us before we get to that point. I have been in the process of fixing up our future daughter (s) room for a couple months now. It's challenging since I don't know her or her personality or age but I also wanted it to be a place that she could come and feel like love was put into her space ... And that she could be comfortable in it. We probably have about 3 weeks until we get our first placement so I'm in crunch time to finish! 

Anyway.. Today I finally did a project I've been wanting to try ... I first saw this on Pinterest and also at Target to but instead of make.. And put my own twist to it. 

DIY butterflies!! 

I pulled up a pic of a butterfly and drew out half of him on a folded piece of paper (colored printer paper). Trust me .. It took multiple eraser sessions to get it how I wanted it ! 

I then Cut the little guy out and then used him as a stencil to make (what felt like) a million more butterflies! 

I used colored thumb tacks ( the flat kind) to attach them to the wall. 

Soooooo incredibly simple! Tedious, but simple! 

I have them scattered around the room and may add more once I get the other wall stuff up! I love them!!

Sorry the pics are so bad! I could ( obviously) take better ones with my camera instead of iPhone... But it's sooooo much easier to upload from the phone! Lol

Thanks for reading and share your most recent project! I'd love to see!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Worst blogger award

Goes to.... Me ! 

Lol! Life has been hectic so I've been bad about keeping you all updated . We have done a lot (with the help if my dad and brother)

Put in laminate floors throughout first level
Trimmed all trees and removed some bushes
Painted kitchen cabinets
Stained all banisters and kitchen island
Decorated some
Our first home study for foster care
Started Little B in school!

Tomorrow we have our last home study as well as facility check so anticipate being licensed in a week or 2! 

Love our crazy hectic beautiful life!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The magic of paint..

Oh my gosh guys! This monster took longer than I thought it would... Like a lot longer! Granted, I have 2 kids so it's impossible to just sit and paint for hours straight.. It was more like, paint 10 min, fix snack, paint 5 min, get drink, paint 10 min, explain why God made Mosquitos (I have no idea their purpose!, paint 5 min, get cream and bandaid for said mosquito bite, and so on! Anyway... We started painting the wall last night around 10 just to get an idea of what it'll look like with the built in and walls together.., I'm in love! 

Oh my gosh this is taking forever !

My little B improvising do nicely for relax time while I paint! 

It's getting there! Lol

Had to stop for a dinner break! Little J is doing great with his make shift table! 

My tall, dark, and handsome helper! 

Do you love it as much as I do?!?! I can't wait to get our tv here and finish painting..

I wish I could just sit and look at this room! But that takes time... And a couch! Lol

Project for today: loading and unloading alllllll the boxes and tubs of stuff that I possibly can to get moved over! I've been instructed to only have furniture over at the old house by Saturday so the guys can load trucks with just furniture and not small stuff.. That's a huge chore!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First home improvement... Paint!

In case you were wondering... No, we are not finished moving stuff, and yes.. I should be getting more stuff! Lol! But my kids are enjoying playing instead of going back and forth so I'm going to relish the moment and PAINT! :) 

First item up for change is the built in entertainment center.. 

How awesome are all those shelves?!? Seriously, I've always wanted a built in.. But not an oak one! 

Sooooo I sent the hubby to get paint last night and thus starts the fun for today! 

I have wall color bought too! Maybe I'll get a sneak peek swatch painted soon!! :)

What are y'all up to today? 

We've moved!

Whew! To say I'm sore and exhausted is an understatement ! We closed on our new house yesterday and we moved stuff for the better part of the day. Unfortunately... We have a tonnnnnnn of stuff so we have a long way to go, but thanks to amazing friends helping out with the kids and with the moving... We are closer than we'd be without them! 

Here are a few pics of moving day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Time to vote!

Ok people.. The struggle is real! I seriously can't figure out what color to paint our bedroom set.. Or if I should just leave it be? Or stain it dark (which would be a total chore). I love me some Annie Sloan chalk paint so had thought either white, light gray, or charcoal gray. What are y'all's thoughts? 

Here are some of my ideas:

Stain bed, side table and dresser tops and drawers, paint bodies of tables and dresser light gray.

Charcoal gray for everything (though I'm worried how it'll look if I ever have bedding that's NOT gray.. 

Light gray bed and dresser, charcoal or white side tables.

Ughhhh!!! Help! :)

P.s. My entire house is a mess because I'm kind of packing as I go.. So I literally through the bed together just for this pic.. Ignore the mess yo!